The Kindiclub Preschool

About The Centre

REMEMBER when little kids’ lives revolved around playing in the backyard, and their best friends were their brothers, sisters and neighbours?  At The Kindiclub Preschool we have embraced that philosophy with our mixed-age preschool environment. The open-plan design is an essential element of our multi-aged grouping – not a standard approach to childcare but an intentional approach to enriched learning. With the exception of educators teaching children in small groups that are age specific, the children mix at all age levels for the majority of the day in the same way they would interact, play and learn at home. Children are allowed to play outside, get dirty, read books, paint and do all the natural, healthy things kids do. For siblings, open-age care provides opportunities to be together and for an only child there is the advantage of learning to share, care about and interact with children of other ages and to learn from the older children. Another important feature of our preschool is the location of the kitchen and its servery. The food doesn’t just appear from a magical doorway; the children see it being prepared, smell it cooking and are comfortable enough to ask for more, if they want to. The mixed-age preschool required a higher child-staff ratio and this in turn benefits both children and staff. Children are able to interact with all the staff throughout the day and that provides continuity and ultimately happier, more secure children.

School Readiness Program

Our Service's Transition to School begins from the moment your child enters the Service at any age and participates in the Pre School Curriculum. The Service's focus for a successful transition to school starts with "The Social Child". We aim to ensure that your child has developed a positive self esteem, confidence, independence and be actively involved as a part of a group, as the major goals for school transition

Play Based Learning

Our children learn in a number of different ways and each at a vastly different pace. Our program is specifically designed to cater for these differences and utilises highly specialised, structured and unstructured play. The educator's experience, and on-going training, provides each enrolled child with the opportunity to develop self-confidence and other fundamental life skills that support their social and cognitive development.

Our fun, play-based learning program – provides an environment where the principles of literacy and numeracy are seamlessly integrated with science, environmental studies, music and art and social-emotional development.

Our high quality program provides every child with plenty of interesting things to do, a stimulating environment that encourages thinking and activity and loads of space to run, jump, play and build up not only their bodies ... but their imaginations too!


Healthy eating habits are formed in early childhood and children’s nutrition is important to their health and life long development.  Our Healthy Eating Policy ensures that the emphasis is on fresh foods and forms part of the care and educational program.

If your child is on a special diet and/or has any specific allergies the centre requires a statement from your child’s doctor describing the type of diet needed and/or a management plan for any allergies.  The centre will make the necessary arrangements to accommodate this need.  We provide a ‘nut free’ environment and offer four meal opportunities per day:

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Late Afternoon Tea

Children will experience a diverse range of nutritious and culturally diverse meals prepared by our qualified cook

Daily Routine

Our Daily routine is flexible and is subject to the weather, child/ren’s, families’ and community needs

7.30am-2.30pm          Indoor / Outdoor Play

Indoor Play

The indoor space is designed to enhance the children’s development across all areas.  Activities set up indoors will focus on:

Thinking and problem solving skills – through activities such as puzzles, sequencing games including number games and concepts.

 Language and literacy skills – through drawing, writing and experiencing books

Fine motor development – through writing centre, pincer grip experiences, cutting, tearing paper.

  Social and Emotional development – through play, sharing, taking turns, and working cooperatively with others.

Creative development – through art and craft experiences as well as dramatic and role play experiences.

Outdoor Play

The outdoor environment is predominately designed to enhance children’s physical development however numerous opportunities are provided to children focusing on all areas of development.  Planned and spontaneous experiences occur throughout the day.

Activities set up outdoors will focus on:

Balance and Coordination – through climbing equipment, balance boards and beams, balls, hoops, trampoline.

Fundamental Skills – jumping, running, galloping, hopping, leaping, side sliding, catching, kicking, bouncing and rolling balls.

Outdoor play also compliments the development of social skills and sensory awareness. 

Intentional and Spontaneous Teaching Elements

Planned or spontaneous play experiences enhancing all areas of each child’s developmental will be presented during this free play time.

9.15 – 9.45am             Progressive Morning Tea

A progressive morning tea caters for the individual needs of the children. The children can choose when and how long they spend having their morning tea. Children are verbally invited to have morning tea. Morning tea is always supervised by educators. 

11.30am - 12.00pm                Lunch Time

A progressive lunch caters for the individual needs of the children. The children can choose when and how long they spend having their lunch and are encouraged to self-regulate their own appetites. Children are verbally invited to have lunch. Lunch is always supervised by educators. 

12.00pm – 2.00pm     Sleep/Rest Time

All children are offered the opportunity to engage within sleep/rest time. We recognize that sleeping during the day cannot be limited or distinguished by age, and we provide all children with the choice whilst also respecting family values and decisions. The children’s health and well-being is of the utmost importance.  

For children who choose not to sleep, spontaneous Yoga and relaxation group experiences are presented during this period of the day enhancing the children’s large motor development as well as encouraging an active lifestyle.  This experience may also include balance and coordination activities, exercises as well as skills to relax the body and clear the mind. Within this time, the older children are also further challenged with a variety of school readiness experiences/ activities.

2:30pm – 3.00pm     Progressive Afternoon Tea

A progressive afternoon tea caters for the individual needs of the children. The children can choose when and how long they spend having their morning tea. Children are verbally invited to have morning tea. Morning tea is always supervised by educators. 

3.00pm – 4.30pm       Outdoor Play

4.30pm -5.00pm         Indoor Table Activities until home time.