The Kindiclub Preschool

Our Philosophy

We would like to recognise the traditional custodians of this land the ‘Darkinjung’ people on whose land we build our community on today.


The Centre is privately owned and operated with a proud reputation striving to provide the very best level of early childhood education and care for the children within the local community. Parents and staff, aim to build strong partnerships so that the centre is managed effectively, through the process of consultation and collaboration. The centre aims to reflect the values of the community in all its diversity, and is committed to excellence in the provision of care and educational programs.

We Believe:

The Kindiclub Preschool is a richly stimulating, innovative, caring and open planned environment which fosters a child's natural curiosity and thrst for knowledge. The environment and program draws from the very best Early Childhood Teaching Theorists and practices from around the world with emphasis on the Early Years Learning framework and the children's personal interests.

The Kindiclub stands for;

K - Kind and knowledgeable

I - Inspired and independent

N - Nuturing and numeracy focused

D - Diverse and developing dreams

I - Individuality and interest focused

C - Caring, welcoming and warm environment that enables creativity and capabilities

L - Loving, learning environment and literacy focused

U - Unique and understanding

B - Being, Belonging and Becoming

The Kindiclub Preschool fosters strong home - school partnerships, creating a smooth and caring transition from home to the centre. We represent an educational vehicle, engrossing the children in projects and a learning system which allows them to question, examine and enjoy the challenge of the experiences before them.

It is our belief that when our children, educators and families of The Kindiclub intertwine, it creates the unmistakable essence that is uniquely recognised as that of The Kindiclub Preschool.

'What a child can do today with assistance, they will be able to do by themselves tomorrow' - Vygotsky